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LG Watch Urbane – Where Luxury Design Watches Can Also Be Smart Watches

At Expansys Asia we took an unbox review of the LG urbane 3rd generation and the latest from LG Watches released since April 28th. To be honest the Smart Watch looks more like a luxury brand watch than a Smart Watch. A great feat by the LG manufactures in coming up with a better design and comfort feel; let’s take a look in detail.




Similar to its sibling LG G Watch R, LG Watch Urbane has a round body with 1.3 inch / 320x320 (~245 ppi) P-OLED circle display. Equipped with 410mAh battery, the watch will be functioning for the whole day at normal usage. The watch also comes with Snapdragon 400 processor with 1.2 GHz Quad-Core Cortax A7, 512 RAM and 4GB internal memory. It uses a 9-axis combination sensor of Gyro, Accelerometer and Compass. The watch also includes a 4.0 Bluetooth Low energy efficiency.


LG Watch Urbane is the first full metal body smart watch introduced by LG. With its classy and cleaner outlook, Urbane can be the best looking and most fashionable smart watch gear arguably. Available in two colours – Gold with brown leather band and Silver with black leather band, the Urbane would satisfy and suit most of its consumers with different preferences. Instead of Yellow Gold, Urbane uses Rose Gold


With the stitched leather band, the Urbane give a feel of high-end fashion item. The body of the watch is quite big though, especially for those consumers with a smaller wrist, but this is all you can choose as all Android Wear gears are with this “standard” size.



For internal spec, the Urbane is the first smart watch which runs the Android Wear 5.1.1, said to be more user friendly and functional with the hands-free gestures and other update features:

-       Flicking your wrist can scroll up and down through your Google Now cards, more convenient when your other hand is occupied.

-       With a tap or swipe to the left can now access the app list and contact list, instead of searching the app or using voice control.

-       Ability of WIFI connection leave Urbane operates on its own. Even if the smartphone is not around, with connection to the WIFI, Urbane can still receive all notifications whenever the smart phone is connected to data network.

-       With the Always-on display, the screen will turn into mono-tone when the Urbane is in stand-by mode while an app is operating. Save users’ the time to re-open the app.

-       The Draw Emoji function certainly adds functionality to the Urbane, but for those who has a “special” drawing sense would probably opt for typing.

In addition to the watch, you can connect it using Bluetooth with any of your Bluetooth enabled devices or Smartphone that runs on Andrioid.


What’s in the box? The package comes with the W150 LG Urbane, charging cradle and USDB cable, travel adapter and the manual.



Here we have identified the Pros and Cons for the LG Watch Urbane:



-       Improved stylish design with metal frame and stitched leather strap.

-       22mm leather strap is swappable with any watch band with your preference.

-       Features the latest software of Android Wear 5.1.1 which brings better user experience with updated applications.

-       Equipped with IP67 dust/water resistant and PPG heart rate sensor



-       Relatively big metal frame size which may not suit smaller wrists.

-       Does not support GPS functionality.

-       Quite an expensive smart watch compared to other Android wear in the market.


The big step forward took by LG in its smart wearable is moving to the right direction, with the evidence of the higher-end appearance and upgraded user-friendly software of the LG Watch Urbane. The LG Watch Urbane would arguably be the best smart watch in the current market. Consumers should still take note that the latest software of Android Wear 5.1.1 would possibly soon be rolling out to other smart watches, but it is always excited to get your hands on new-tech before others do.


The LG Watch Urbane is now available at EXPANSYS:

Gold with Brown Leather Band:


Silver with Black Leather Band:



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iPhone 6 Plus-Unboxing photos

The iPhone 6 Plus is dressed to the nines with a large 5.5” LED-Backlit IPS LCD Shatterproof Oleophobic Capacitive Touchscreen with Multitouch capabilities and Retina Display donning an enormous 401ppi. This screen is cased in stylish blushed aluminum; and for those environmentally conscientious, yes, it is recycled aluminum. The iPhone 6 Plus’ size is also manageable being only 158.1 x 77.8 x 7.1mm and weighing in at a mere 172g.












Check Price and Specifications here!

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HTC Butterfly 2 - Unboxing album

HTC butterfly 2 comes with more or less the same look as the previous Butterfly model, but its spec is as good as the HTC's flagship HTC One M8. It supports the most LTE bands around the world. Let's look at its appearance now.









Check Specifications and other details here!


























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Dohm Sound Conditioner

Living next to a busy road, means I’m right in the target market for the Marpac Dohm Sound Conditioner, so I was disappointed it did so little for me.

dohm sound conditioner

On its face the Dohm Sound Conditioner is a simple device that generates white noise which in turn helps you tune out annoying background sounds like traffic or noisy neighbours. Many people swear by these devices as the only way they get a good night’s sleep. The Dohm Sound Conditioner particularly differentiates itself by making a mechanical sound, rather than a canned digital one, and by you being able to adjust the sound to one that suits you best. It does this simply and neatly.

The problem for me was that no matter what I did it reminded me of the fan on my computer and I found it more intrusive than the background traffic hum. While this appears to be a personal issue, given all of the overwhelmingly positive reviews this device gets on the Internet, I just could not come to love, or even tolerate, the Sound Conditioner. My conclusion was that it might be more use with noisy neighbours than with traffic noise.

The Sound Conditioner is a neat package which hides unobtrusively on the floor. Adjustment just involves rotating the upper cowl until you find a tone you like so it really could not be simpler. The device did, sort of inevitably, get slightly warm after a while but there was no discernible vibration from the constantly spinning fan.

For , this could be your answer to noisy neighbours or barking dogs but it probably depends very much on your personal reaction to noise.

We tried a review unit from the lovely folk at Expansys


Reviewed by GeekinSydney.com

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Martian Passport Smartwatch by Goondu Review

With all the buzz about futuristic smartwatches of late, I decided to buck the trend and take a look at a rather retro-looking gizmo recently.

When the folks from online retailer Expansys asked me what I’d like to review from their store, I pointed to the Martian Passport, a geeky smartwatch that actually does look like a watch. 

For starters, it tells time with the hour and minute hands taking up some two-thirds of the watch face. The remaining space is taken up by a digital screen fulfilling the smart functions.

If this seems like someone decided to slap a smart design onto a regular quartz watch, well, it does. Fortunately, the Passport doesn’t feel like a cheap toy – the stainless steel case and rubber strap certainly look like they can survive some outdoor activity.

Perhaps the designers has taken the tough part of the design too seriously as well. The buttons that let you control the digital features are a little hard to press. You actually get quite annoyed after a few presses to access the menu.

Charged through a USB port by the side, the watch is similar to many other similar wrist-worn smart devices today. It relies on a Bluetooth link to your smartphone to carry out most of its tasks. Plus, you have to download a Martian app on your smartphone.


The difference is that the Passport works with both Apple iOS devices as well as Android devices, which can’t be said for, say, the Samsung Galaxy Gear series. In the past two weeks, I’ve managed to test the Passport with my Samsung Galaxy S4, and I can say they hook up without fuss.

The biggest selling point for me is the support for voice commands. Press one of the buttons on the watch and you are connected to your smartphone’s voice controls. In Apple phones, this is Siri. In Android phones, this is Google Now.

I managed to make a few calls like this, and finally, I can say I’m using some of my phone’s voice functions, which are pretty good. I managed to call a friend by speaking his nickname as saved in the contacts – “Alabert” – and the phone called through without problems.

The bigger surprise was the Passport’s voice quality. Using the built-in speakers and microphone, I could carry out a conversation, Dick Tracy-style, without the other party even knowing that. And I can hear clearly what the other person is saying.

Okay, that does seem a little dorky, especially in a crowded restaurant or a subway train. Yet, perhaps in future, we will be speaking to wearable devices more often, like in the movieHer, and devices like the Passport won’t be so weird.

What also helps is the ability to read out your text messages. For folks who drive, this is something pretty useful to have on the Passport.


Yet another feature I like about the smartwatch is the fast charge. The Martian folks were not exaggerating when they said the watch could be juiced up in two hours. This means you don’t wait an entire morning to get your phone ready.

The other features in the smartwatch, however, are not as practical. There’s a feature to fire up your phone’s camera, for example. It actually turns on the self-facing camera by default, but it might only help with selfies if you manage to mount your phone somewhere secure.

At the same time, there are the usual notifications, say, for WhatsApp messages. But the one-line 96 x 16 pixel OLED screen, though bright and clear, will struggle to display long messages.

Yes, wearing a smartwatch makes you look more discrete than turning to your phone in a meeting, but if you stare at the small screen for too long, you still appear distracted.

Which kind of sums up the state of smartwatches right now. First unveiled in 2013, the Martian Passport certainly looked ahead of the curve then. It also looked classy.

Today, a lot of fancier technology has gone into the Samsung Galaxy Gear, for example, to track your fitness. Curved screens could also be the next big thing for wearable gadgets.

For me, it boils down to this – a smartwatch has to not just be packed with cool and practical functions, but look good as a watch as well.

Photos/Reviewed by Alfred Siew, Tech Goondu

May 2014




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Jabra Revo Headphones - Review &Unboxing photos

Jabra Revo Headphones with Mic & Music Control.

Comes in 2 colors: White & Grey


Snapshot: Sleek, slim and lightweight the on the ear design means you can take them anywhere but they have not sacrificed on sounds quality. 








Cool Factor

Perhaps the first thing about this headphone you notice is their futuristic but subtle styling. They have not gone crazy with multiple color options but kept the look classy with either the black or white/ Grey versions.   Urban looking it’s easy to see these as an interesting designer wear piece against other major brands in the market.




So what do you actually get for the price?   Well the Jabra does not disappoint with options.  The headphones themselves fold away for easy storage on the go.  At only 225 grams too they will not be weighing you down.  Added to this they have been “bend tested” so if you go and sit on them during a flight or a train ride they should stay in one piece!

They come with built in mic and music controls they we found easy to use during testing and a standard 3.5 mm jack so they fit almost every device. 


Sadly the 3 button control is only usable on iOS devices but you still get 1 button control with Android.



Sounds Quality

Since Jabra’s back ground is from speakers and microphone is no surprise that their telephony test came back very positive.  You can hold a very high call quality on skype or your phone.

The actual speaker performance is perhaps the crucial point for many people (assuming the style is ok!) and we found it comparable to many more expensive headphones.   The Jabra App on android and iOS is downloadable and allows you to tweak base and treble output giving you added control.  If you want pure noise cancelling headphones hen these are not for you, we suggest you get a heavier headset that is less portable.   That said they reduce most background noise and the sound quality is still very high!




Whilst there are better headphones sets out there with smoother sound or better noise cancelling.  For this price Jabra Revo have provided high quality sound that is portable, stylish and not breaking the bank.


Jabra Revo unboxing Album







View Product details here

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Nokia Lumia 636 - Expansys Review

Microsoft officially launched  the Nokia Lumia 636 to China in July with one particular focus in mind, an affordable 4G enabled LTE Windows 8 phone. The other difference between this model and the Nokia 625 is the upgraded Windows 8.1 phone OS including additional 255,000 apps available on Window Phone Store.


Despite having a plastic feel body frame the phone is about 4.5 inches screen display with a resolution of 854 x 480 pixels. Its small enough to fit in your palms and and a similar screen size as the Iphone but slightly bulkier on the thickness of 9.2 mm. The overall dimension of this phone height 129.5mm x 66.7mm width.





Nokia 636 is the one of the newer releases to benefit from having the newer version Windows Phone 8.1 and slightly smaller processor of 1.2GHz Quad core . The phone is also very lightweight at merely 134 grams in total feels very comfortable when placed in the pocket.


The Slim slot is on the right hand side of the phone located at the rear back which is removable. The battery of 1830 is also detachable from the device and when fully charged can stay on standby mode for around 25 days and talk time of 13hrs on 3G.



09.jpg 11.jpg



Nokia 636 has only a rear camera of about 5mega pixels which disappointedly is one of its drawbacks compared to the other Nokia release phones. To keep a good price this is probably one of the downsides to the specs.


39.jpg 37.jpg




wp_ss_20140522_0003.png wp_ss_20140522_0010.png



Windows OS 8.1 User interface is very friendly to use if you take time playing with it. The home screen contains big titles or icons of applications that can be either downloaded or come preinstalled.  Now that Windows Store are having more apps this gives Windows users much more choices than say 12 months ago.

What's in the box?

Besides the Nokia 636 handset, included is the removable  Rechargeable battery BL-5H, Charger AC-20X and a quick start guide.


04.jpg 05.jpg





Nokia Lumia 636 is the most economical choice for windows OS users that benefits with the 4G network technology.


  • Affordable than its predecessor

  • Range of colorful customized headsets                                             

  • 4G LTE Enabled for faster data access

  • New Windows 8.1 phone with tons of apps


  • 5 Mega pixel average camera functions

  • Lower battery capacity 1830 mAH for a windows OS phone


Check Nokia Lumia 636 Price and availability



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LG G3 Beat D722K- Unboxing Album

What people like about LG G3 Beat

- Compact design for better grip

- Wide 5 inches HD ISP display

- Laser auto focus + touch and shoot

Let's look at its appearance. We have 2 colors here, Black and White









Check Specifications and Price here!


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ASUS ZenFone 6 - A601CG Dual SIM - Unboxing Album

ASUS ZenFone 6's whopping 6-inch HD IPS+ display provides wider viewing angles. Featuring the damage and scratch resistant Corning® Gorilla® Glass 3 screen with GloveTouch lets you easily use your device while wearing gloves.

ZenFone 6 is equipped with 2x2 Intel Atom multi-core processor powered by Intel Hyper-Threading Technology, you can easily handle multi-tasks and deliver an immersive gaming experience, with a longer battery life.

ZenFone 6 also supports Dual SIM that is ideal for travellers, it lets you handle your personal life and work with ease.

We have some photos for you here.












Check out the product details here

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HTC One E8- Unboxing photos

HTC One E8 is a mirror of M8,however, it comes with different material. Its shell is made of polycarbonate. What people like about this model is because of its Ergonomic dual-curved design, it makes the phone comfortable to hold. E8 is slightly thicker than M8 but lighter. E8 has the Motion Launch™ gesture controls for intuitive use and easy shortcuts. It has a built-in seflie tools with a 5MP front facing wide-angle camera.