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How to Sync Trakdot Smart Watch with Samsung Galaxy S4

How to Sync Trakdot Smart Watch with Samsung Galaxy S4

The new smartwatch available through Expansys is the Trakdot Smartwatch used with selected Android and iOS devices. Trakdot smartwatch is quite an economical choice from the Sony smartwatch or the Galaxy smartwatch, if you are looking for some very simple features.

To Sync the Trakdot Smartwatch with the Samsung Galaxy, first you need to download the app from Google Play by searching Trakdot  

Please note that only the following selected devices are compatible with the Trakdot Smartwatch


Samsung Galaxy S3

Apple iPhone 4S

Samsung Galaxy Note 2

Apple iPhone 5s/5c/5

Samsung Galaxy S4


Samsung Galaxy Mega


After successfully installing the app on the Samsung Galaxy S4,  turn on the Trakdot Smartwatch by pressing any button and then using Bluetooth 4.0 LE scan for pairing devices. On the Smartwatch you should be able to see the function display pairing mode and on the phone the name of the device to pairing e.g. Trakdot -#code number.


On the phone interface select the setting option function to choose the interface style you like.


Once both devices are paired you can select from the limited options the items you wish to sync with the smartphone or the Samsung Galaxy S4 in this case.

For my preference, I selected Time, weather and SMS.

Useful features on the TrakDot Smartwatch

Run feature - calculates the mileage, ime, calorie and steps with a personal space and weight that you can setup.

Call log - this function once synced with allow you to see the caller ID, incoming number however if the number is not in your contact list than the number only will be shown.

SMS - Messages on your smartphone or the Samsung Galaxy can be viewed in plain text format on the phone.

Weather - to use this feature you need to allow permission on the Trackdot app for RAM mobile Data and GPS Location service on the phone. It will display the weather and temperature respectively.

Altimeter, Barometer - useful feature if you are hiking or mountain climbing and need to check the altitude and atmospheric pressure and temperature.

Music & Camera control - this very cool feature acts as a remote control for skipping songs on your Samsung Galaxy 4 smartphone to taking pictures remotely from your phone using the Smartwatch.

Please note that the effective bluetooth distance from both devices is roughly between 5-25m

Turning off the TrakDot smartwatch

You may notice there is no power off button on the smartwatch, you will have to navigate the interface to switch if off, and here are the steps,

  1. Click on the bottom left button on the left side until you reach settings.

  2. Press the middle button to select Power-off from the menu list.

  The Trackdot Smartwatch is available on Expansys in various colors, please check out the price here!!