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Better-Digi Dongii Switch Hub Description

Nowadays, all of us equip our devices with too many bulky accessories-chargers, adapters, hubs and docking stations. The same is true for Nintendo Switch. The official Switch Dock is expensive and bulky and can only be used with a separate charger. Packing all the equipment can indeed have fun from the game gathering with friends. As game lovers, we want to know whether the Switch dock can be more portable and simpler?

The answer is yes!

We created a pocket-sized stand Dongii allows you to connect your Nintendo Switch to most TVs for more immersiveness Game experience

Dongii also has USB-C PD support, so it can quickly charge other devices. Dongii is smaller than the original dock and has more features than a charger. It is the ultimate portable dock for Nintendo Switch. It provides the easiest way to connect to a TV and quickly charge any device.

Make any TV your playground
Dongii is a small dock, you can take it with you, you can easily hook the Switch to the TV and play with it. It subtly replaces the official Switch docking station and its separate charger. It supports 4k 60Hz video transmission, even if you are not at home, you can enjoy a better gaming experience on a big TV.

More immersive gaming experience
Dongii comes with the Bluetooth 5.0 standard, which allows it to connect Switch audio to any audio device that supports Bluetooth. Stream audio to your favorite headphones or earbuds and enjoy a more immersive gaming experience without disturbing others. Dongii is compatible with all Bluetooth headsets or speakers.

Safe to use
The early stages of the USB-C protocol are not yet perfect. When used in conjunction with the Switch, it will cause greater voltage fluctuations because it does not match the Switch protocol. It turns out that the quality of other unnamed after-sales docking stations is unreliable and may damage your Switch. Now, after years of optimization, the USB-C protocol has been comprehensively improved. After countless rounds of testing and optimization, Dongii provides the appropriate voltage and amperage for the switch based on its battery power, and ensures the best and safest performance.

Ultra-small, carry it with you
No need to carry the bulky original Switch docking station and separate charger, you can save space, reduce weight and get on the road. Dongii is very suitable for carrying or traveling. Just put it in your bag and you can leave.
The charger can be detached from the docking station and can accommodate any existing USB-C charger. A simple way to make the charger more powerful and versatile.
We also make Dongii a real portable charger because it is fully compatible with PD power bank! You no longer have to worry about running out of battery power on your device on the go. If you want to charge a laptop or Nintendo Switch, it is best to use a power bank with a power output of 45W or higher. Macbook requests 20V output, and Nintendo Switch requests 15V output.
Dongii has USB-C, USB-A and HDMI display ports, which can meet all your needs anytime, anywhere. Dongii is not only designed for Nintendo Switch, it can also be used as a fast charger, adapter or even a hub for laptops, tablets or smartphones.

Cut charging time in half
The USB-C port supports the PD 3.0 fast charging standard. You can easily charge your device at a faster speed.

Quickly access your drive's data
The USB-A port supports the QC 3.0 standard and allows you to access a USB drive, mouse or controller.

Play on the big monitor
The HDMI display port supports 4K 60Hz video transmission to provide excellent visual effects. Connect Dongii to the laptop and display the presentation on the large monitor. It eliminates complicated connections, saves time, and makes your work look great.
Connect your laptop to a large monitor to mirror or expand the screen and increase efficiency.
Turn your smartphone into a computer

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