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Sound but no picture [Aiptek MobileCinema D10 - 187184]

  • aspelldm
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Just bought a new projector for Christmas. It all appears to be fine. the sound is working and there is light coming from it. However there is no picture being projected. Im not sure if this is a fault with the projector or if there is something that I'm doing wrong. I'd love to hear if anyone has any ideas. Help Please!!!!!!!!

Without meaning to sound patronising but are there multiple inputs on this device and have you made the device use the input you're connected to?  i.e. is there HDMI, Component, Scart, etc and have you selected HDMI, Component or Scart.

Pete (I need JD) Graham ************** Damn you! Use forum search!!.

This appears to be a fault, as ours initially played perfectly twice then did the same as yours, we sent it back and it was replaced in a week, and have no problems so far with the replacement, and  it is well used , it is  certainly very popular with the children.