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Your support email system is broken [Apple HomePod mini Wireless Smart Speaker - 328783]

I placed an order for a Homepod mini two days ago. Soon after that I received an email saying my order is on hold and asking for clarification on my contact number. I replied to that, but it results in opening a new support ticket. One day later, there was still no acknowledgement, and my order was still on hold. I sent another email with even more information, but still nothing after another day. It seems like my emails are not reaching any actual people.

Order: 2AWW-1F13-08E6

Ticket 1: ODYD-8745-MUPU

Ticket 2: YGWP-6557-OQMF


Hi, I am facing the same situation now. Did you receive your item?


I have not received my item. Several days after I first replied, I finally received an answer. Unfortunately, the answer was that they needed to see proof of my address. I have never heard of such requirements before from any store, but I replied with what they asked for. And by sending this information to them, the system created a new support ticket. So I am waiting again while my order is on hold. It's now day 10 since I placed my order.

Thanks for the reply. It is indeed a weird process and buyer are stuck since payment has been made before such request was made known. 

Mine is day 4 now. And I don't see any cancellation and refund possible. 

have to warn other buyer about such absurd site. Not giving customers any support and assurance. All emails answer by mail server. 

Just for the record, I did finally receive the item. Here is the timeline, so others can know what to expect.

  • Oct 29: Order placed
  • Oct 30: They requested my contact phone number
  • Nov 4: They requested proof of my address
  • Nov 11: The item shipped
  • Nov 16: The item was delivered

To be honest, I almost contacted my bank to reverse the purchase charge because I was sure this was a scam. I'm glad it was not, but this was still not a great experience.