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Installation via memory card [CoPilot Live 6 USA Map Upgrade - 127665]

I use a MAC not a PC and can''t use ActiveSync. As such I''m trying to install the USA upgrade from the MAC using a memory card reader to transfer the files directly onto the pocket PC memory card. I''ve made a lot of progress, but can''t quite get things right. The I can use CoPilot with Zip codes, POIs but not streets. When I try to enter an address, the selection screen displays, "(no street level data)", all I can select is "<city center>". What would really help me would be a definition of the proper file structure on the card, to drag and drop the right files to the right locations. Failing that, instructions for doing the installation without ActiveSync. BTW, strangely enough CoPilot does know what streets I need to traverese to get from A to B, in terms of directions. So I suspect what''s missing is index files used in the trip setting dialogue. Help. Happy New Year to all Wal