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Fixed IP address [D-Link DSL-604+ Wireless ADSL Router - 104294]

My company are changing my line to a fixed IP address. I have a work laptop with XP Pro and a home laptop and PC both with XP Home on them. What settings do i need to change on the DSL-604+/PC's and what details if any do i need to get from my company? I want to continue using the router to share the connection between all 3 machines. My company says that the cisco VPN client will take up most of the bandwidth on the work laptop, is this right?
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You won't have to change anything, tho you will probably need to restart the 604+ if you want the new IP address to take effect immediately. The IP address (even fixed) are assigned by your ISP using DHCP. The Cisco VPN client works fine, and no, it won't take up most of the bandwidth unless *you* are transferring large amounts of data.
Thanks for that I'll let you know how it goes!
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You don't need to change any settings.Just you can connect your system directly and start using 3 machines(Computer and laptops) on the same connection.The ip's are detected from router automatically.To check ip address in every machine visit the site Ip-Details.com , it shows your internet ip address.