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I install ilauncher on my blackberry. It's nice to see Apple like icons on BlackBerry. But it would be great if BlackBerry launches user customizable theme and icon support for BlackBerry. I guess not only me who want to customize the home screen and icon. 


Download the latest Apk version from Apkwebs.com for free.


+ it goes terribly fast low-low)

+ very smooth scrolling

+ the ability to change icons. Launcher seems to have a lot of potential to be really nice. Just pokombinować with some nice set of icons. It looks better by default than Espier

+ for some minus) no drawer

+ the ability to create folders

+ search engine, I do not know how it happens, but when the default android searches for me a hundred years, it responds very quickly. Searches contacts, applications, text messages


- sometimes unstable

- I have no idea where the config launcher lies. Settings are also missing from the backup options

- no motives

- it is not possible to change the dock graphics

- no widgets personally I do not use it any more than mclock, so I'm able to survive

- disabled edition of folders for now

I recommend testing