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Unlocking from Vodafone [Nokia N95 - 141579]

  • saparow
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Excuse my ignorance (I''ve done a search but can''t find answer!) but is it possible to unlock an N95 from Vodafone. My g/f has been provided with a new N95 but is happy with her existing phone so I intend to use it with my TMobile contract but the phone''s locked to Vodafone. I went into my local Vodafone shop yesterday and they said they couldn''t unlock it as did the independent mobile shop next door. I''ve got it charged and now just want to get using it but can''t. Any help would be much appreciated. Thanks
  • anitalg
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Cant see its going to be able to be unlocked for a bit, they are getting harder and harder to do. Have just checked Kingmobile for you but even they arent yet. Usually Voda can unlock their own phones, might be worth your g/f calling her customer care dept.
  • saparow
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Thanks for the response. Will try that. Cheers
  • masseur
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correct, generally speaking, no one can unlock BB5 Nokias yet, well except for one guy in Romania (I think) who clims to have done it and some people who can do it for 3 network phones The operators will usually charge you around £20 to get the unlock code when you give them your IMEI ...Unless I am very much mistaken!
  • masseur
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a couple of our members on Esato have obtained the unlock code from vodafone already and I am on my first ever contract with orange as of yesterday and they''re already actioning my unlock code which I will receive by email next week, so it looks hopeful and worth a try :-) ...Unless I am very much mistaken!

Guys, I can now offer the vodafone N95 code for £25 each, turn around is 1hr - 48hrs if the unlock code is on the vodafone database already. (all I need is only your IMEI number). Normally, it takes 4-5 weeks for vodafone to upload the new unlock code on the database, so if u bought your phone less than 4 weeks, pls wait until it's a month old before u contact us. I am sorry that this service is only available to vodafone UK..(NOT orange N95). Hope this information would be useful to some people

More info

if your N95 imei starting with 3522550, then it's more likely we can get you the code within 2 days 

but if your N95 imei starting with 35696, then it will take us 5-7 working days to get the unlock code

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Hi you can easily unlock your mobile visit this site Onlinegsmunlock.com  here you can get the unlock code and unlock your mobile easily. To get the  code you need to specify the following details which country is locked now,network provider and imei number. Then they send unlock code through email.

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