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Galaxy Tab 7.7 (3G + Wi-Fi 16gb) - URGENTLY INFORMATION REQUEST [Samsung Galaxy Tab - 7.7 3G + Wi-Fi 64GB Android Tablet - 221906]

  • jeanluck
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I tried to call several times the italian call-center and to send an e-mail at without any answer.

I'm looking forward to buy the tablet, but I need these following additional information because it's not specified on the product information:

1) The product is the Samusng product "Galaxy Tab 7.7 GT-P6800"?

2) The tablet is an imports imported good (in comparison with the italian market)?

3) Is the software (android) in italian language?

4) The phone connection (sim card 3g) is compatible with the main mobile phone italian operators?

Hope to have answers. Is a consumer rights!!