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IRIS IRIScan Book 5 WiFi Black


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Condition: New!

Key features:

  • Battery-powered, SD memory
  • Excellent image resolution
  • Documents converted to PDF, Word, Excel, etc.
Brand: IRIS / SKU: 371351 / Mfr: AP_IRISCAN_BOOK_5_WIFI / EAN:

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IRIS IRIScan Book 5 WiFi Description

The fastest book scanner in the world
Discover the different uses of the IRIScan Book 5, the fastest book scanner in the world

IRIScan Book 5 is very easy to use: just slide the scanner on the document to get a high resolution document to instantly obtain a high resolution scanned image, up to 1200 dpi! Thanks to the high quality optical sensor and the wheels under the scanner, scanning is extremely fast and scanning is extremely fast and stable! The operation takes only one second, regardless of the no matter what the document is. If you are scanning bound documents, there is no need to detach the pages. pages. You can even turn your books into e-books and listen to the content you're reading at your leisure. the content you are reading.

IRIScan Book 5 is an extremely compact and lightweight scanner, which can be easily slipped into a bag and can be taken anywhere. Powered by a powerful lithium-ion battery rechargeable via USB and supplied with a MicroSD card, this book scanner works everywhere without being connected to a to a computer! All these features make it particularly useful for users on the go and people who have to users and people who travel for work. Whether you are at home, at the office or on a business trip, your IRIScan Book 5 will always be at your side, ready to quickly scan all your documents.

IRIScan Book 5 comes with a full-featured OCR software (Readiris) that allows you to convert text areas of scanned documents into editable Word, Excel or PDF files. Your files are converted and ready to be edited and archived.

The included Readiris software allows you to convert scanned documents into indexed PDF files thanks to the powerful OCR engine that converts the image text into indexed text. The search information within a document document has never been easier and faster and you don't have to waste time reading the entirety of a document!

The IRIScan Book 5 scanner is equipped with a button that allows you to select the scanning format scanning format of your choice, namely PDF or image (JPEG). You also have the possibility to select the resolution (300, 600 or 1200 dpi) and quality (color or black and white). In addition, you can can directly change the settings directly from the scanner, without having to connect it to a computer.

Book scanner: scan in a flash, without ever detaching a page! page!
IRIS' flagship product, this book scanner allows you to scan all kinds of documents, even bound documents, even bound: books, newspapers, syllabus, magazines, ... Scanning is done with a simple gesture! Slide this book scanner onto the page to be scanned: in just two seconds, it's done. seconds, it's done. All the content is scanned in high definition (up to 1200 PPP) and can be directly be directly reworked (Word, Excel, PDF...) thanks to Readiris, included software. A complete tool that will simplify your life!

Transfer documents via WiFi or USB to any terminal
The brand new IRIScan Book 5 scanner is equipped with a WiFi connection that allows transfer all images instantly to your computer (Windows or Mac), smartphone or tablet (iOS or Android). The free IRIScan Book application, available on the Apple Store and Google Play Store, quickly and easily connects your iOS or Android device to your IRIScan Book 5 scanner. The scanner has its own wireless network to transfer images and does not require any configuration or connection to the Internet. Back at the office, you can also transfer your documents also transfer your documents via a USB port with the included cable.

Convert your documents to editable formats: Word, Excel, ePub, PDF...
The IRIScan Book 3 comes with Readiris OCR & PDF software with intelligent features. It allows you to convert the text areas of scanned documents and into editable files! For example, convert your scans to Word, Excel, ePub, searchable PDF... to name a few. Your files are converted and ready to be edited and archived. Their original layout is respected and the text is recognized with great accuracy. Gone are the days of tedious manual encoding with the IRIScan Book 5!

Compact, ergonomic book scanner for use anywhere
The IRIScan Book 5 is an ultra-compact book scanner that easily fits in a bag, laptop case or drawer. It is an ideal choice for It is an ideal choice for use at home or even on the road, as it works completely autonomously, without cables or a computer.

Shipping Weight: 0.45kg

Technical Details

  • Battery-powered, SD memory
  • Excellent image resolution
  • Documents converted to PDF, Word, Excel, etc.
  • Scan to JPEG format
  • Scan to PDF or multi-page PDF format
  • Scan to e-book format
  • Scan to a Microsoft Office file format (Word, Excel, etc.)
  • Convert documents to audio files
  • Scan books and magazines
  • Ultra-fast scanning
  • Use it anywhere
  • Scan documents and notes
  • Instant scan preview
  • Battery-powered

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