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  • Xiaomi POCO F2 Pro 5G Dual-SIM
  • by Nuruddin / 23/10/2020
  • It's been a month since i received. May i say this device didn't disappointed me not even once. smooth usage, excellent battery life, used it heavily and at the end of the day battery had 26% left to spare. Don't mention about the gaming performance because it is SUPERB!!! albeit the 60hz screen, it's still a beast! a bit heavy, but that's the usual weight for flagships these days. It ain't no flagship but sure as hell it felt like one. OVERALL 5 STARS!! BEST DECISION I'VE EVER MADE!!
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  • Nokia 8.3 5G Dual-SIM TA-1243
  • its awesome
  • by Daniyal / 23/10/2020
  • just received my unit on 22nd Oct 2020, after a week of order. have to go through a bit of trouble with gov authority because the phone is not released in my country yet, not even registered through regulation body...but manage to settle everything smoothly...overall the phone work as expected, a bit on the larger size phone...cheapest among other online seller...really satisfied
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  • Huawei Mate S CRR-UL00 Dual-SIM
  • Huawei Mate S CRR-UL00 Dual sim
  • by / 20/10/2020
  • This phone is very poor on network it only use 1 SIM the other side doesn't work it went l put other SIM card it says it work with a China SIM card that cold telecom but with the S.A Telkom doesn't work..please help is there anything l could do to boots my SIM 1 network because is very poor most of times l don't use my phone because of the network..thank you
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  • Google Nest Hub Max Smart Home Assistant
  • Refurbish Item Working Well
  • by Burhanto / 18/10/2020
  • The refurbish Google Nest Hub Max working well, all good and operating as new item. Salute to ExpansysHK Customer Support, before there was a problem with the power adapter and after I contact customer support they feedback very fast and send a replacement power adaptor to me right away. This is not my first purchase in Expansys, and I absolutely will buy goods again in here. Thank you Expansys.
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  • Sony Xperia 10 II Dual-SIM XQ-AU52
  • Nice smartphone
  • by Aka / 14/10/2020
  • Phone feels good to hold with the aspect ratio and surprisingly light weight as well. Display is very good. Battery life is amazing and lasts more than two days with my usage. Most apps run smoothly and the mid-range processor doesn't seem to have a noticeable difference unless you're a heavy gamer. Camera isn't the best available for the price by the way, especially when you need to zoom. Price is on the higher side for the specs, but for everyday use this isn't a bad option at all. Expansys service was also good with quick delivery and helpful customer support staff.
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