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  • Very Good
  • by Tol / 9/6/2020
  • I bought this Xiaomi Note 10 Lite on Expansys and I have to say this is very good experience. My phone came after 3 days counted from the day I placed my order (Expansys said that it would come after 2-4 days) For detail, I placed my order with Yamato COD payment so I had to paid 1700 Yen more (the tax fee, COD fee) And they did great service because they shipped my phone safely and on exact day I required. And one more thing that makes me appreciate Expansys is that they sent a travel adapter with the phone. That's really thoughtful. (I don't know what if they didn't send one for me. Maybe I would have to buy one lol) And about the phone, ^^ I have no complains about it as it's perfect for this price. Highly recommend for those trying to fine a phone not expansive but having good camera and so on :))